What Is HydraFacial® MD?

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Skin problems—we all got them! Holly Todd and her team at Skinetics Medical Aesthetics are ready to help you fight your skin concerns head on with HydraFacial MD®. Whether you are frustrated by enlarged pores, wishing for firm, tight skin, or hoping those fine lines and wrinkles would fade away, HydraFacial MD may be an effective solution to improve your skin health.
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Selfie Queens Beware: You May Be Aging Your Skin

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We have all fallen victim to the selfie craze at one point or another—even Skinetics’ very own Holly Todd have snapped a few. What seems like harmless fun may have repercussions that last far longer than your latest Snapchat story. Recently published in The Telegraph, a new article has laid claim that smartphones, and selfies in particular, may expedite the aging process.
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